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Cenzo Townshend is an award winning mix engineer based at Decoy Studio in Suffolk.

With over 20 years experience he has mixed countless best selling albums and singles from artists including U2, Snow Patrol, Elbow, Florence & the Machine, Kaiser Chiefs, George Ezra, Ben Howard, The Maccabees and many more.

Cenzo was awarded Best Mix Engineer for 2009 & 2010 by The Music Producers Guild and was nominated again in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. He also mixed the 2018 Mercury Prize nomindated album by Everything Everything.








YMA6 IV You Me At Six
SheridanSmith ANorthernSoul  Sheridan Smith
A Northern Soul 
Kylie StopMefromFalling Kylie Minogue
Stop Me From Falling - single
WardThomas LieLikeMe  Ward Thomas
Lie Like Me - single
Everything ADeeperSea Everything Everything
Breadwinner / The Mariana
Editors Violence  Editors
Franz AlwaysAscending Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending - radio mix
TenTonnes LayItOnMe  Ten Tonnes
Lay It On Me - single
EverythingEverything AFeverDream Everything Everything
A Fever Dream
Sherlocks LiveForTheMoment  The Sherlocks
Live For The Moment 
Haim LittleOfYourLove Haim
A Little Of Your Love - radio mix
RatBoy Scum  Rat Boy
JamesBlunt MakeMeBetter  James Blunt
Make Me Better - single
MagicGang HowCanICompete The Magic Gang
How Can I Competesingle
Cranberries somethingelse The Cranberries
Something Else
Justice Fire  Justice
Fire - radio mix 
ChefSpecial Amigo Chef'Special
YouMeAtSix TakeOnTheWorld  You Me At Six
Take On The World - single 
MaximoPark RiskToExist Maximo Park
Risk To Exist
AmyMacdonald UnderStars  Amy Macdonald
Under Stars - tracks 
ChristineQueens SaintClaude Christine and the Queens
Saint Claude
SundaraKarma YouthIsOnly  Sundara Karma
Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect 
Palace SoLongForever Palace
So Long Forever
MattMaltese Vacant  Matt Maltese
Vacant In The 21st Century - single
EE IBelieveItNow Everything Everything
I Believe It Now - single
Courteeners MappingTheRendezvous Courteeners
Mapping the Rendezvous
Passenger YoungAsTheMorning Passenger
Young As The Morning
BeachBaby NoMindNoMoney Beach Baby
No Mind, No Money
BatForLashes SundayLove

Bat For Lashes
Sunday Love - single

SophieEllisBextor Familia Sophie Ellis Bextor
JakeBugg OnMyOne Jake Bugg
On My One
SFA BingBong Super Furry Animals
Bing Bong - single
ChristineQueens Narcissus Christine and the Queens
Narcissus Is Back
KaiserChiefs StayTogether

Kaiser Chiefs
Stay Together - tracks

Suede Night Thoughts Suede
Night Thoughts

The Feeling
The Feeling

Rhodes Wishes


Soak Reckless Behaviour Soak
Reckless Behaviour - single
RatBoy FakeID Rat Boy
Fake ID - single

FFS - tracks

Soak BaNoBody Soak
B a noBody - single
The Bohicas Swarm The Bohicas
Swarm - single

Everything Everything
Get To Heaven

The Maccabees
Marks To Prove It

Everything Everything
Regret - single

Time - single 


Freddie Dickson
Speculate - single

The Maccabees
Marks To Prove It - single

soak-sea-creatures Soak
Sea Creatures - single

Everything Everything
Distant Past - single


Port Isla
In The Long Run - single

all_we_are All We Are
All We Are
61I1gbT3YdL._SL500_AA280_ Ward Thomas
Push For The Stride - single
41DwZusYOEL._SL500_AA280_ George Ezra
Budapest - single
56a7b4576d61baec9da6351fdfb136a0 George Ezra
Wanted On Voyage
Jamie_T Jamie T.
Carry On The Grudge
Sivu SomethingOnHigh Sivu
Something On High
41IMisfOoL Dotan
7 Layers
51Pq9Hvyv7L._SP1601600T_ Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott
What Have We Become - singles
511E3e1U1XL._SL500_AA280_ Wild Beasts
A Simple Beautiful Truth 
51Aj6Ck2V3L._SL500_AA280_ Passenger
Whispers - singles
71OcWFh6h0L._SL1425_ Skaters
51i5TRu4apL._SL500_AA280_ Laurel
To The Hills EP
412alQuZPUL._SL500_AA280_ Deaf Havana
Everybody's Dancing - single
51bq2nP6gL._SL500_AA280_ Kodaline
One Day - single
91JQKgannYL._SL1500_ The Family Rain
Under The Volcano
Kate_Miller_Heidke_O_Vertigo Kate Miller-Heidke
O Vertigo!
gabrielle_aplin___salvation_by_marthajonesfan-d6iw3jg Gabrielle Aplin
Salvation - single
51XqDZXcsOL._SL500_AA280_ The Night VI
Still Thinking Of You EP
51X22kRv7L._SL500_AA280_ Tom Odell
Long Way Down - tracks
51Lfq8IBAUL._SL500_AA280_ Foxes
Glorious - tracks
51H1Lws92vL._SL500_AA280_ Lissie
Back To Forever
41xpnHSwxfL._SL500_AA280_ Boxes
Don't Look Down - single
610N5bOuwQL._SL500_AA280_ Boxes
Red Skies - single
51N0N4r1MeL._SL500_AA280_ The Vaccines
Come of Age
220px-Fallulah_Escapism Fallulah
51xb7cGTx3L._SL500_AA280_ The Maccabees
Given to the Wild
41EgRwsNIuL._SL500_AA280_ Ben Howard
Every Kingdom - singles
kane-come-together-full Kane
Come Together
51BpsoJ6JAL._SL500_AA280_ Devlin
A Moving Picture - tracks
61DizPh4a7L._SY355_ Madness
Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da - tracks
url Dappled Cities
Lake Air
41iI9h45TxL._SL500_AA280_ Sharon Van Etten
Give Out & Magic Chords - singles
51j0LjLWqPL._SL500_AA280_ Benga
Chapter II - tracks
TribesCornerOfAnEnglishField600Gb Tribes
Corner of an English Field - single
61J3buhQ8PL._SL500_AA280_ Gabby Young & Other Animals
The Band Called Out For More
51QbCqryrfL._SL500_AA280_ Kate Miller-Heidke

The Horrors
Changing The Rain - single

51ehur7wucL._SL500_AA280_ Clock Opera
Ways To Forget
220px-Party_Queen_CD_only_cover Ayumi Hamasaki
Party Queen - tracks
61yyx5LADRL._SL500_AA280_ Spector
Chevy Thunder - single
41UNu7qn09L._SL500_AA280_ Ren Harviue
Through The Night
51p8qOYn0xL._SL500_AA280_ King Charles
51nDVIBuNL._SL500_AA280_ Paper Route
The Peace of Wild Things 
51smBYDFljL._SL500_AA280_ Kaiser Chiefs
The Future is Medieval 
51HtCbOPAlL._SL500_AA280_ Snow Patrol
Fallen Empires - tracks 
41glpenG4-L._SL500_AA280_ Eskimo Joe
Ghosts of the Past
MysteryJets MakingDens Mystery Jets
Making Dens
41nDoXx9FUL._SY355_ S.C.U.M
Again Into Eyes - single
512CAgBaidL._SY355_ The Feeling
Together We Were Made
51gllNcqziL._SY355__PJautoripBadgeBottomRight4-40_OU11__ Friendly Fires
Pala - tracks
61OvlJWV2JL._SL500_AA280_ Grinderman
Palaces Of Montezuma - single
51OrPtNucML._SL500_AA280_ Everything Everything
Photoshop Handsome - single
41muS803KDL._SL500_AA280_ Crystal Castles
Not In Love Ft Robert Smith
51I9PlFvmNL._SL500_AA280_ Bryan Ferry
Alphaville - single
41XoRNMcfrL._SL500_AA280_ John Grant
Where Dreams Go To Die - single
61xnT6WcaEL._SY355__PJautoripBadgeBottomRight4-40_OU11__ Florence and The Machine
31dktSxF3CL._SL500_AA280_ U2
No Line On The Horizon - tracks
51oKr0fy1VL._SX355_ The Hoosiers
The Illusion of Safety
41mi3UHLyeL._SL500_AA280_ Snow Patrol
Chasing Cars - single
71gLGeFwAiL._SL1225_ Snow Patrol
Eyes Open - tracks
4153wtEPeFL._SY355_ Snow Patrol
A Hundred Million Suns
717MxsKYpyL._SL1417_ Editors
In This Light And On This Evening
61hUoGomaUL._SL1056_ Editors
An End Has A Start
61MdXygzT5L._SY355_ Graham Coxon
Love Travels At Illegal Speeds
51wUBzkUiFL._SY355_ Graham Coxon
Happiness In Magazines
31YJMRY1XGL The Cranberries
Wake Up & Smell The Coffee
91iipURKIAL._SL1500_ Devlin
Bud, Sweat and Beers
61wVdXwCvaL._SY355_ Bloc Party
Weekend In The City
61fKIWtGMyL._SL500_AA280_ Paulo Nutini
No Other Way
51zi2Zh-FtL._SL500_AA280_ Hot Chip
I Feel Better - single
61P2hY7KMYL._SL500_AA280_ Corinne Bailey Rae
Paris Nights - single
51J2JY27V7L._SL500_AA280_ 30 Seconds to Mars
Hurricane 2.0 feat Kanye West                                                                       
61LZG4hWGeL._SL500_AA280_ Jamie T
Kings and Queens
Daniel_Bat_for_Lashes Bat for Lashes
Daniel - single
Tonight-FF Franz Ferdinand
Tonight - singles
51PYIKiYsFL._SY355_ Skunk Anansie
41s5gVoVzML Reverend and the Makers
Heavyweight Champion of the World
61sgaMV6TL._SY300_ Klaxons
It’s Not Over Yet - single
220px-OneDayLikeThisSingleCover Elbow
One Day Like This - single
5128pylAVL._SX355_ Peter, Bjorn & John
Young Folks - single
61pwC30dRGL._SX355_ The Kaiser Chiefs
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